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Technology overview

BB30 - New BB Industrial Standard

The BB30 system is new BB industrial standard. The BB30 crankset is 10% stiffer, 20% lighter, and provides 300% more ankle clearance than the GXP system. The results are an impressive increase in rigidity in the frame and crankset, better durability, lighter weight, and more ergonomic design for the crankset. With so many advantages, it’s hard to deny the validity of this system.

Gates Carbon Drive System

The technology behind Gates Carbon Drive is rooted in high horsepower motorcycles and dragsters. Now, this high performance technology has been perfected for a wide variety of bicycles Carbon fiber is the enabling technology, which is constructed by Polyurethane and Nylon Tooth Facing with colored, resulting in the highest modulus and highest strength belt. Differ from metal chain, Carbon fiber tensile cords provide belt perfectly ductility and durability. Attached on special CDC/CDX sprockets design, 11mm pitch profile is designed specifically for optimal belt drive bicycle performance and to meet the demands of human power. Carbon-fiber belt is strong and efficient replacement to a traditional bike chain. It will be your best choice if you are seeking for a longer-lasting but lower-maintenance drive. The patented Gates Carbon Drive will show you an quiet and awesome riding performance.

PF30 - All the Best From BB30 and Press-Fit

PF30 is all the best from BB30 and Press-Fit bottom brackets in one captivating package. This bottom bracket is designed for 30mm spindle cranksets. The key difference with PressFit 30 is how the bearings are fitted into the frame. Bearings are housed in nylon cups which will be pressed into the frames bottom bracket shell. Advantages: Huge weight savings, greater bearing durability, more ankle clearance, stiffer and stronger crank construction, simple installation.

The maintenance of steel frame

The charming slim tube, the timeless epic, faithful paddle power, excellent rough road absorption, these steel bike character is too strong temptation for the cyclist to resist. All Speed one bike have complicated electroplating rust treatment when it ship out the factory.

TwoCAMM - makes you more comfortable when riding

The TwoCAMM suspension system: The carbon laminated alloy chain yoke eliminates the need for traditional bearing axle assemblies. This reduces weight and increases the lateral stiffness. The new TwoCAMM system is reshaped the carbon yoke near BB, collocated with PF30 crankset for greater power transformation.