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The maintenance of steel frame

The charming slim tube, the timeless epic, faithful paddle power, excellent rough road absorption, these steel bike character is too strong temptation for the cyclist to resist. All Speed one bike have complicated electroplating rust treatment when it ship out the factory.


These treatments have electroplating treatment inside and the painting glossaries outside which will blocks the humid and dust from the air. After riding the bicycle for a while, lot of damage factors like scratch out, rub off, raining and sweat etc. will make the rust happens. For the long term usage of your lovely bicycle, always does maintenance check to the bike.

Apply thick grease or anti-seize

  • The combination of down tube and bottle screw surfaces, this is the location prone to get rust, because the sweat drip down tube closed to cage screw hole. It’s the first priority to do the maintenance, After screwed, the protective layer in the hole has been damaged somehow, we strong recommend to air pressure gun to clear first, and apply thick grease or anti-seize monthly.


  • Cable housing stop - Cable housing stop is located under the BB make the cable shift smoothly,that location accumulated the dusty and moisture easily, especially the protect lever have been damage by the screw. Therefore, we recommend that apply grease or anti-seize every month.


  • Cable stopper & shift cable adjust - Cable stopper is located on the down tube near head tube lock with shift cable adjusting which used for adjust half gear. This location the mechanic has applied the grease to protect the frame.

Spray appropriate amount of anti-seize

  • Head tube & head lugs - when you assemble the head tube set, you can spray appropriate amount of anti-seize for antirust and lubricate function. Because there have heat tube cover therefore little chance of the dust and rarity fell into. And always does maintenance check and clean.


  • Internal tube - The weather change all the time during riding, like rain cats and dogs, drizzling aerographic rain and ponding. The water will run into frame, we recommend always do the maintenance check monthly, take off the seat post, and put the bike upside down to let the air ventilating. And assemble the seat post back for a while. And appropriate amount of anti-seize in the head tube, BB, and seat tube. As an protect lever inner the tube. We strong recommend using the industrial maintenance spray oil, appearing white mist after spraying with water resistance and heat resistant characteristics will be fine.

  • More detail maintenance - If you want to take care your bike in every detail, you can apply the maintenance as fellow:

    1. The contact surface of head tube and head tube cover.

    2. The contact surface of shift and brake cable cover between cable stoppers

    3. The seatstays and rear brake bride and screw hole.

    4. The connection part of front derailleur group.

    5. The connection of rear dropout and rear derailleur.

    6. The connection of head tube and badge(Be aware of M2 screw).






Maintenance extend the life time of frameset


There are many detail of maintenance, like the BB maintenance, this need a bike shop to dissemble the crankset, checking the bearing, apply grease and wipe off the dust. Please find a bicycle shop near you to have advice and maintenance and avoiding to impropriate operation and damage the parts.

The maintenance is different by different material of bike, please use the propriety way to take care of your bike and it will extend the life time of frameset.

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