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BB30 - New BB Industrial Standard

The BB30 system is new BB industrial standard. The BB30 crankset is 10% stiffer, 20% lighter, and provides 300% more ankle clearance than the GXP system. The results are an impressive increase in rigidity in the frame and crankset, better durability, lighter weight, and more ergonomic design for the crankset. With so many advantages, it’s hard to deny the validity of this system.

Introduction of the Standard

The BB30 is a threadless bottom bracket shell standard using two pressed cartridge bearings. The BB30 frame design allows larger diameter bearing to fit inside the frame, and a larger diameter 30mm spindle to join two crank arms. Install C-clips into the interior retaining groove on either side of the BB30 bottom bracket shell. The spare parts dimensions chart as following.

The birth of the BB30 standard

In 2000 while the industry standard bottom bracket spindle diameter was still 24mm, one company introduced System Integrated crankset designed in conjunction with an oversized bottom bracket shell and 30mm spindle, further reducing weight and increasing stiffness.

Open the Gate of BB30

BB30 is a free international standard that both frame and component companies can utilize to offer consumers more choice and better performance. FSA became the first component company who introduced BB30 crankset for road and MTB in 2008. Speedone also produced our first BB30-based frame which is built of a Reynolds 853 seamless air-hardening steel tubeset. Since then, It opened the gate of BB30 and triggered a vigorous growth in bicycle market.

SRAM introduce BB30

The three major groupset on the market, CAMPAGNOLO, SHIMANO, SRAM of the world, SRAM was the first application provided BB30 crankset. In 2009, SRAM introduced the BB30 Red road groupset, which reduced weight up to 130g than GXP crankset, about 17% of the total weight. The SRAM new version of Force crankset is offered in a BB30 option, which reduced weight up to 146g than GXP crankset, about 18% of the total weight. From Road groupset to MTB groupset, SRAM provides BB30 solution; it makes great lossweight for complete bikes.

The following table is the weight of SRAM groupset GXP vs. BB30.

  GXP crankset(g) BB30 crankset(g) reduced weight(g) Weight percentage
Red 760 630 130 17.1%
Force 791 645 146 18.4%
XX 754 670 84 11.1%
X0 788 728 60 7.6%

In addition, there is Ultra-Torque™ OS-Fit™ Integrated Cups : the CAMPAGNOLO solution for oversize BB30. For SHIMANO groupset, Speedone also provides BB shell adapter , such as KCNC K-type adapter.

Great Advantages

  • BB30 is LIGHTER- By eliminating the BB cups and using an alloy spindle, the weight of the crank and BB assembly can be reduced by up to 20%.
  • BB30 is NARROWER- With the bearing inside the BB shell, the crankset can be made narrower in this critical area, increasing ankle clearance up to 300%. The following picture illustrate the difference between BB30 and MegaExo.
  • BB30 is STIFFER- Confirmed by new EFBE testing, the oversized spindle increases the stiffness of the crankset.
  • BB30 is MORE DURABLE- BB30 bearings are significantly larger than GXP systems, resulting in longer bearing life.

The Standard of the BB30

The BB30 standard looks like a easy work. The crankset will not work smoothly unless you have extremely tight tolerance and correct installation. The BB30 standard emphasize the processing accuracy, the shell inner diameter is 41.96mm +0.025/-0. In addition, the bearing alignment tolerance is 0.02mm and other shell machining. The following picture illustrators the dimensions of BB30.

When Speedone’s all BB30 frame are under production, it must keep the alignment of BB shell correct and cutting in one time. Speedone collection model emphasizes the technique what we have, and high doorsill make segregation with other brands.

Quality Control

We have strict quality control standard, all frame must pass the BB30 shell ID Go/No gauge and BB30 bearing alignment gauge. Therefore, Speedone’s frame not only the quality but also the processing accuracy are reliable.

Installation and Removal Tool

Please don’t install BB30 cranksets unless you have BB30 bearing installation press and BB30 bearing removal tool. Never remove the BB30 bearings using a hammer and punch. Removing the bearings using this method can skew the bearing sideways in the frame and damage BB30 frame tolerance. We strong recommend anyone who wants to use BB30 crankset must use installation and removal tools.

Data Source: SRAM, FSA