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Speedone story

The Bicycle Is Our World

Since 1985, YOAN Technologies have pursued our passion for cycling, as an original equipment manufacturer for bicycle frames in all materials for road racing and mountain biking. We accept the challenge to produce every frame to the highest quality to satisfy the most demanding customers. And in the process accumulated an excellent reputation for service as well as becoming highly respected in the Taiwan bicycle industry for our precision and quality of our wielding. “Johnson Chen, the man behind YOAN Technologies is an affable and slightly roguish character, but look a little further and you find an extremely knowledgeable and helpful man dedicated to producing the highest quality bicycle frames available anywhere in the world. The workmanship is truly spectacular.” – John Tolhurst, Design Director, Cruzbike Inc, USA.

Establish the Brands for Sustainable Management

Since 1995 many large scale OEM companies have emerged in China. Our response has been to gradually transform our business, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, and creating our own branding manufacturing - Speedone in 2006. Each frame is hand-made by skilled craftsmen with precision welding. We have stringent standards to build each bike and ensure control of the centerline of frames tolerance within 1mm.

Into The Market , With Mini Velo

Mini velo were all the rage in 2007, therefore, we announced a verity of 20” folding bike which accommodates patented TwoCAMM suspension system. Many professional riders chose our Speedone bike its original design. Furthermore, the R30 is the first mini velo bike in the world to adopt the BB30 standard. The R30 is built of a Reynolds 853 seamless air-hardening steel tubeset.

Technologies Base on BB30

Using our expertise in BB30, we launched our first road bike – RT30 in 2010. The RT30 is built of a Reynolds 853 tubeset with the scotch-brite painting. It looks simply beautiful, and is our most popular model. The Speedone collection of models demonstrates our mastery of frame making techniques which delivers to our customers a unique competitive advantage over other brands.

Exquisite Handmade, Techniques At Your Will

Our welding technique wins universal praise, and our TIG frame welding now compare favorably to robot welding. Each RB30 is a unique work of art, no two being perfectly the same. We use high-end material to build the frame, from alloy, Cr-Mo - Reynolds 525 and 853, stainless steel - Reynolds 931 and Columbus XCr to Reynolds 3Al-2.5V. All frames are exquisite handmade and the technique choices follow your will.

An Enduring Passion for Bikes

We give emphasis to innovative research and developed ideas and introduce new performance products –this is our top priority. As a result, we produce all kind of bikes, including road racing, mountain, time trial / triathlon, folding, mini velo, touring bikes and other specialist bikes. Speedone continues to expand and grow its business worldwide as more and more world-class brands recognize Speedone’s unique capability and commitment to quality. Our purpose at Speedone is to lead a healthy lifestyle, bring happiness and satisfaction to humankind.